Welcome Friends of the Fairview SCA

Welcome to the Fairview School Conservation Association. We are a part of the Fairview Academy PTO with the goal of helping to educate our students about conserving our natural resources and helping to protect our environment.

The world has many natural resources such as water, soil, air and our forests. All of these resources have been around for eons, and hopefully healthy natural resources will be available for future generations. However, unless the population of the Earth starts to be more concerned with these resources, we may not have these resources available to us.

But what can we do to save these resources? The first thing we can do is to start educating people about the world’s natural resources, and how we can conserve and protect these resources whenever possible. While the education of the population will take time and effort, the best place to start is the education of our young people.

Young people will have the most to gain by having a healthy environment for them for decades to come. By starting to educate students at a young age they will have the opportunity to start conserving resources and improve the environment. It will not happen overnight, but hopefully this generation, and future generations, will be aware of the potential problems that can occur if we ignore the environment.

Some of the ways we help with education is by providing resources for our educators to pass along to the students and presenting after school programs to encourage participation in our environmental initiatives. In the past we have had sessions which looked at how our schools can conserve resources, clean up projects at our schools for Earth Day, planting trees on Arbor Day and more.

The Fairview School Conservation Association would like to encourage you to also conserve natural resources at home and work. By setting an example of conservation to your students, it will go a long way to reinforce the work that we are doing. After all, every little bit helps!

Mission Statement:

Fairview School Conservation Association has the goal to help educate students about the environment and the depletion of our natural resources. It is our mission to provide materials and activities to learn about conservation in a fun and informative manner. Our goal is to provide a step in the direction of a clean and healthy environment for all.