Conservation Information for Elementary Students

Teaching children about conservation and the environment is very important. The earlier that children are exposed to the potential problems that exist in our world, and what we can do to help solve these problems the better. The environmental problems and potential solutions should be addressed in school and in the home.

Our association has been working with elementary school aged kids for many years. We try to make the learning experience fun and informational. We work in the classroom by providing educational materials that the children are allowed to take home and share with their family. In addition, our educational opportunities extend to after school environmental conservation club activities where we teach them about our depleting natural resources and what we can do to turn the situation around.

We have found that a hands-on approach is a great way to get the kids attention. We try to get the children involved in games and activities that are geared towards the environment and conservation efforts. In the past we have found that students retain more knowledge and become more invested in the environment if we can keep their interest in the subject.

We have put together a small sampling of some of the resources that we have used in the past to learn more about conservation. Please feel free to pass these along to your children and other family members and use them to educate your children at home.