Conservation and the Environment

Over the course of time our environment has gone from having clean water, fresh air, unpolluted soil and an abundance of trees to having an Earth with people and businesses dumping trash in the water, pollution from businesses and cars in the air, trash dumps polluting the soil and trees being taken down or lost through fire. These are all problems that have been increasing over the past few centuries and have had a negative impact on the environment in which we live. The Earth has enjoyed these natural resources for generations, and it was always thought that they would be there forever. However, recently the population has been abusing these natural resources, which makes the environmental future bleaker.


One of the most basic natural resources we have is our water. Our water is used for nourishment, growth and other activities. However, due to pollution from businesses and individuals in the form of dumping items in the water, the pollution is endangering not only human life, but any life that needs the water to survive and live. The main way that we can help the environment with the water is to stop polluting and dumping waste in the water. If we substantially reduce or eliminate the water pollution, we can once again enjoy clean and healthy water.


Over the course of time industry and automobiles have made life easier for all. But it has also brought about air pollution from factories and exhaust from autos. This has impacted the air that we breath as well as damaging the ozone layers. To remedy this situation, we need to come up with more ways to enforce pollution laws with businesses and control auto emissions.


One of the biggest problems facing the Earth is what to do with our trash. For centuries our trash was taken to dumps and the refuse was left to stay there forever. One of the ways to combat soil pollution is to increase usage of recycling. Many items that used to be considered trash can now be recycled into reusable products. By continuing to recycle we will help reduce our trash buildup.


Another basic natural resource are trees. Trees provide a place for animals to live, as well as shade and beauty. However, reliance on trees for paper, and wildfires have reduced the number of trees we have in our forests. To help conserve trees we should limit our usage of paper, or at least recycle our paper products so that they can be reused and save trees. Also, do your part by planting a tree (or two).