Conservation Information for Teenage Students

The environment that we enjoy today is not as great as the environment that our parents or grandparents enjoyed. With pollution, toxins in the air and other damaging environmental effects, the environment is not as good as in the past. Unfortunately, unless serious measures are taken to correct the environmental problems we face, the next few generations will not enjoy the same environment that we have today.

We have taken a number of steps to help educate our middle school and high school aged children about the plight that we are now facing. And unless everyone makes steps to improve and conserve our natural resources, our environment will continue to deteriorate. Hopefully, the students that are participating in our programs are learning ways to conserve and protect our natural resources. They can use the ideas in their day to day life, pass them along to friends and share the information with family.

On a regular basis we share information and resources with our students and school staff that can be helpful to learn about the problems that we face with the environment, and what we can do to help with the situation. Below please find a sampling of some of our helpful resources that you can use in your daily life.