Who are FairviewSCA?

During the spring of 2012 a task force was formed to discuss ways that we can help our children learn about the problems that the world is facing with the environment. During the meetings many ideas were floated about what we can do, what parents can do and what our students can do. From those meetings a timeline of action items was agreed upon, and the Fairview School Conservation Association was born.

The original task force was a ten-person committee that consisted of school administrators, teachers, parents and retired educators. From the results of the task force meetings additional committees were formed to put the plans into action. The task force is still meeting periodically to review our action items, report on the progress that we have made and continue to brainstorm ideas on how to educate our youth on the importance of environmental conservation.

Our group started small with just a program for our elementary students that focused on Earth Day 2013. For ideas on how we could celebrate the Earth, we reviewed the Earth Day website. It gave us some helpful ideas on what direction we should take. Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and has turned into a worldwide initiative to help bring awareness and change.

From our initial conservation efforts our task force and working committees have expanded our offerings. In addition to celebrating Earth Day for our younger students we have expanded to include other tasks. They include:

  • Planting trees on Arbor Day
  • Coordinating a town wide cleanup day
  • Staff “Adopt a Highway” where we pick up trash along the roadway
  • Providing teachers with educational material to teach conservation, recycling and the environment.
  • Started a “High School Environment Club” to help get teens involved
  • Coordinated a school wide recycling initiative by having recycling bins available in all of our schools
  • And more to come in the near future

Our group is just a small effort, but if everyone does a little, it will mean a lot to our environment!

Current Task Force Members:

Marcus Nunez

Kathleen Fuentes

Sharon Ford

Braxton Spence

Marco Howard

Denzel Maddox

Colten Ashley

Charlotte Allison

Aidan Mullen

Karen Lane